LED Lighting upgrade at Queenscliffe Community House

We’re thrilled to announce our latest triumph in sustainable lighting solutions! Our team at [Your Electrical Business Name] recently completed an impactful LED upgrade at the Queenscliffe Community House.

Formerly illuminated by fluorescent tubes, the Community House’s office spaces, meeting rooms, gallery, kitchen, and community class areas have now embraced the brilliance of LED lighting. This upgrade not only significantly reduces energy consumption but also creates a welcoming and productive environment for all visitors.

Our experts meticulously curated LED setups that ensure optimal illumination for various activities, enhancing focus and comfort. At [Your Electrical Business Name], we are dedicated to transforming spaces into well-lit havens that reflect modern efficiency and environmental consciousness.

For top-tier LED conversions and electrical innovations, contact us today. Let’s brighten up your world while contributing to a greener future.

Project Details

Client Borough of Queenscliffe

Completion Aug 2023

Location Queensclife

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